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Celebrating Business Success

By Tina Zawila

The Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry held their annual Best in Business Awards on Saturday 4th November. It’s the one special night of the year, dedicated to recognising business owners and leaders for their hard work and dedication to their businesses and community.

As a Business Advisor I see first-hand how hard my clients work to build their businesses for their families, their teams, their customers, and their community, often for little thanks, appreciation or recognition.

Being in business can be lonely, challenging, demanding and downright difficult, but entrepreneurs do it anyway to create a business that they are proud of and a life that rewards them for their effort.

Small business is the backbone of any community. It is usually a small business owner that runs your local café, retail store, plumber/gardener/electrician, health professional/veterinarian, and the list goes on. Small businesses (in the aggregate) often offer most of the employment opportunities in a town or city. Quite simply, small businesses make communities thrive.

The Best in Business Awards also recognises our local not-for-profit organisations and leaders for the tireless work they do in our community to make our region a great place to live.

So when there is an opportunity to celebrate the entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders in our community, it is welcomed and embraced with over 440 people attending the gala event.

We offer our congratulations to all the winners over the 16 categories, but also recognise the hundreds of businesses and individuals that were nominated by their customers, peers and teams. It truly is an honour to be nominated and acknowledged by the community for the work that you do.

Personally, I would also like to sincerely thank the GCCI (and my amazing family, friends, clients and my talented UHY Haines Norton team) for the honour of being named the 2023 Business Leader of the Year. I am overwhelmed and humbled by this award. It was a compliment just to be nominated, and to be in the company of the other incredible Business Leader nominees.

So let’s keep the feeling going, thank a small business owner today for the work that they do, the contribution they make to your community and most of all, spend your money locally!

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