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Customer service is key - Joe Smith

I recently attended a venue in town with my wife and as we were feeling a little hungry we decided to order some nibbles from the menu. I proceeded to go to order the food and stood at the ordering desk for a minute while someone was cleaning tables behind me. After a few minutes a member of the kitchen staff came out to see me and the person cleaning tables shouted over my shoulder ‘tell him that the kitchen is closed’.

The team member from the kitchen then advised me that the kitchen closes at 8.30 pm. I looked at my watch and it was 8.29pm and that was after standing waiting for a few minutes. I queried this and was told that the kitchen clock showed that it was 8.30pm. As I was not going to get anywhere I decided it was not worth my while arguing the point with them and made the decision that I would not be giving them any more business for a while.

This is no doubt an issue that people may have encountered before and highlighted to me the importance of customer service and retaining or winning new business. In a situation similar to this in the past where I was told the kitchen had closed, I was then asked ‘what was it you were looking for and I will see if the chef can do something for you’. This to me was excellent customer service and by going the extra mile for a customer would ensure that I left a happy customer and then returned to their business in the future.

In a time where the hospitality and retail industries are doing it tough nationally, most businesses can not afford to lose customers – especially due to poor customer service. As a business owner or manager it is essential that employees are trained in customer service and are informed of the standard that is expected of them by your business. Gladstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry are one local organisation that offers customer service training – look into it as it could be the difference between success or failure in business.

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