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Limitless Opportunities

By Tina Zawila


Here we are in the few days between Christmas and New Years Eve, and it’s about now that we realise just how much ‘celebrating’ we’ve been doing, and we start to think about our New Years Resolutions.

For many of us, we are enjoying a few days away from work or our usual routine, and it does provide an opportunity to reflect on 2023 and look forward to 2024.  But rather than simply dreaming of some lofty, unachievable resolutions for the new year, these few days might be better spent taking some small steps towards your goals.  After all, lofty goals are achieved by taking small actions towards them every day, rather than, simply conquering the goal in a single day.

I recently read a book called Limitless by Jim Kwik which teaches us how to make the most of the infinite potential that is our brain. One of the key takeaways from the book is the Limitless Model.  Jim describes the intersection of three key concepts as our “Limitless” potential.

  • Mindset – the WHAT – our deeply held beliefs, attitudes and assumptions about who we are, how the world works and what we are capable of and deserve, and what is possible.

  • Motivation – the WHY – the purpose one has for taking action.  The energy required for someone to behave in a particular way.

  • Method – the ACTION – a specific process for accomplishing something especially an orderly, logical or systematic way of instruction.

Where Mindset crosses Motivation you have inspiration.  You may be inspired but you don’t know how to channel your energy.  Where Motivation and Method intersect you have implementation. You are limited in what you can achieve because of the limitations in your mindset.  Where Mindset and Method intersect you have ideation.  Your ambitions stay in your mind because you do not have the energy to do anything about them.  Lastly, where all three meet is Integration, your Limitless state.

So as you ponder what lies ahead in 2024, and start to form ideas and goals for the new year, consider the Limitless Model and how you need all three components Mindset, Motivation and Method to achieve your goals. Then don’t wait for 1st January, take one small step today towards that goal.

The professional team at UHY Haines Norton CQ are enjoying time with family and friends over the Christmas/New Year break and will be back in the office ready and raring to go on 8th January 2024. 

Call us then on 4972 1300 to discuss your new year’s resolutions!

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