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My Business Coach

Did you know that there is no official accreditation to becoming a business coach? Anyone can say they're a business coach, but not everyone has experience in running a successful business. This week, Steve talks about this issue and explains what a business owner should consider before entrusting someone to give advice on their business.

Last week I was travelling in an Uber and asked the driver what he did in his “spare time”. He answered me – quick as a flash – that he is a Business Coach!

I asked him what you need to have - to be a business coach. He suggested a “bit of experience.” Given that many people in small businesses appear to be seeking mentorship, I had to enquire further – “Like what experience?”

I received a lecture on the importance of having someone you can rely on when you’re new to business. Someone who can be the guiding light that steers you away from danger. Someone who has “done it all before”.

He said a business coach can be the difference between survival and liquidation. So as a matter of clarification I asked: “Is it important that a business coach be successful in business?” He made it clear that a successful business person has likely never known what it takes to be “in the trenches” and hence “probably charges a fortune for advice”. A little presumptuous I thought- but it had me thinking.

Would I pay a successful businessperson for their advice or someone who’s had a “bit of experience”? Would you pay a Dentist to extract a tooth or the assistant who’s had a “bit of experience”. The price may be different but who would you trust more? Is paying extra for quality to sleep at night worth it? When it comes to business, the answer is yes.

The moral of the story is that there is no official accreditation for becoming a business coach. Anyone can say they’re a ‘business coach’, but not anyone can give you advice that will actually help your business flourish. Before entrusting someone to set the trajectory of your business - check their background first. A Business Coach needs to have a mind for numbers; milestones and business fundamentals. Afterall, we only know what we know. Someone who has only ever “survived” hasn’t proved in the past that they know how to have a successful, profitable business. So why should you trust them to prove themselves now - with your business?

When it comes to successful business, you need to make it a part of your lifestyle. Live and breathe it every day. Choosing a business coach who has experience in executing a profitable business can mean the difference between breathing air from the “trenches”, or from somewhere where the grass is greener. Its your choice so don’t hesitate to take your time and consider your options first.

For more information feel free to contact myself or the Business team at UHY Haines Norton on 4972 1300.

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