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Striving for Success - Tina Zawila

By Tina Zawila

I’m writing this article on International Women’s Day, a day that offers us the opportunity to reflect on gender equality and to give thanks to all the wonderful women in our lives. As a woman, it prompts me to consider my own contribution to our community, and how grateful I am to be living and working in this day and age.

On this day there’s so many quotes and memes shared about shattering glass ceilings, crossing lines, overcoming challenges and the accomplishments and success of so many women, however, I recently came across this one that resonated with me which clearly applies to all of us (men and women alike):

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value” by Albert Einstein.

These days, success can be defined in a multitude of ways – financial prosperity, free time, health and happiness, relationships, longevity, the list goes on, and every person’s definition is different.

However, my interpretation of Albert Einstein’s quote is that if you focus on how you can help others and contribute to society by adding “value”, then you will achieve “success” (whatever that means to you). I believe each one of us has a unique contribution to make to society, a passion, skill, talent or even a willingness to learn, that can add value to others. If we can identify what this is, and strive towards being the best we can be in this pursuit, then the world would be a better place, and we just might meet our own definition of success.

But let’s bring it back to something a little more practical on a day to day basis in business and in life. The most successful people and businesses, are focussed on understanding their client’s wants and needs, and constantly strive to add value to their customers and clients , rather than being focussed on their own ‘end game’ or ‘bottom line’. Now as an accountant and business advisor, I would never recommend ignoring your business’ financial

performance and position, I’m just saying that you need to focus on what makes you or your business unique, and how that adds value to your target market. If you do this, the results will come!

At UHY Haines Norton Gladstone, we are here to support and guide you to identify your value proposition, and to help you achieve your definition of success in business and in life. Call us on 49721300 to share your story with us.

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