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Support Local Business

Support Local Businesses

It has been a very challenging couple of months for many businesses. I hope that all of you have managed to get through the situation the best that you possibly could. As a Director of UHY Haines Norton and as President of GCCI I have worked with our teams and have lobbied all levels of government since the first stimulus measures were announced. As a result of all business advisors, chambers, peak industry bodies and organisations nationally working together we have been heard with the introduction of JobKeeper, Cash Flow Boost, payroll tax refunds as well as various other measures introduced. We will continue to lobby and we have our sights on the point where stimulus measures end as we believe some assistance will continue to be required in some industries.

One of the main messages that we will continue to promote, hopefully at an increased level, is Buy Local. It is now more important than ever to support each other and buy from local businesses and keep the money flowing through our community. With restrictions in place at a state and national level it may also result in supply chain difficulties so businesses are being forced to source resources closer to home and I hope that this will continue to be the case when borders are opened again.

It would also be great if everyone could have some patience with businesses reopening or modifying their operations as everyone is doing their best to operate within the guidelines handed down by the government. These businesses may need some time to restock or source all of their normal supplies and there may be some others who do not believe it is feasible to fully open again with the restricted numbers or patrons allowed as it could result in more costs than income.

Further to this it would also be advisable to book in to businesses who are operating with restricted numbers allowed in their premises. And if you cannot make the booking please let the business know in advance as they may be able to fill up your spot which could make a huge difference to them staying in business!

If you would like more information on operating profitably under the guidelines please call UHY Haines Norton on 07 4972 1300 or email

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