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Welcome Back to Work!

By Tina Zawila

Many businesses use the Christmas/New Year period to take a well-deserved break, either closing the business for a period of time, or working with only skeleton staff. This second week of January usually sees most businesses return to normal trading and staffing levels. Traditionally, the new year also inspires people to set new goals, review their career and work/life balance and make plans for the next twelve months.

So, what Workforce Trends and Challenges can we expect in 2023?

  • The pandemic has created an expectation of remote and flexible working and swept aside traditional objections around productivity and control. Owners and managers will need to adapt to this workplace change.

  • At the same time, we have a myriad of new technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) impacting the way we work. Technology will create both opportunities and challenges, threatening some jobs while supercharging others.

  • Young workers (Generation Z - born between 1995 and 2010) are bringing new ideas, values and ambitions to the workplace and they are looking for employers that are a good match. They want to work for organisations they see as good global citizens. They also want flexibility and freedom.

  • The world is facing workforce shortages. In many sectors and geographies, talent is in short supply. There are simply more roles than candidates, and this is not a temporary phenomenon. A recent report by an organizational consulting firm (Korn Ferry) estimates that by 2030, more than 85 million jobs could go unfilled around the world because there are not enough skilled people to take them.

In summary, younger generations have different priorities and talented people are in short supply. Organisations must recognise and act on these trends, shifting workforce demographics, attitudes and aspirations to ensure that they can attract, retain and inspire their crucial human resources and keep them happy, healthy and engaged.

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