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Your Work Family - Tina Zawila

Recently, I facilitated a Team Workshop for a family owned and operated business. We had a great afternoon, revisiting why they are in business, recognising why their clients and customers choose to do business with them, reconnecting as a team, learning how to improve communication with each other, and creating strategies for the future success of the business.

Everyone participated, shared their ideas, communicated openly and honestly and most importantly we had fun!

Several members of this work team also happened to be related to each other, but even without any family-ties, this team acknowledged the benefit of building strong relationships with each other. Understanding how each of them communicates, what skills and attributes each of them bring to the team and how together they really can achieve more. After all, they spend a lot of time together!

So how well does your team know each other? Do they consider themselves part of your “Work Family”?

For many years, we have referred to our team as our “UHY (Sothertons) Family”. We proudly boast how many babies have been born into our family, and how many years we have been a part of each other’s lives. I truly believe the strong bonds we have formed with each other makes coming to work so much more enjoyable, and I’d even say it gives us a competitive advantage!

I also listened to a podcast recently which likened business leadership to parenting. The speaker suggested that to be an effective and successful leader, you must care for your team like they are your children, or another member of your family. After all, they are someone else’s family member! If you provide a nurturing and caring environment, people are more likely to thrive and give their best.

So have a look around at your team. How well do you know them and do they know each other? Do you know how to effectively communicate with each and every one of them? Are they all aligned to why your business exists? Do they understand how your business works? Do they feel like part of the family?

At UHY Haines Norton, we love working closely with our clients and their team. If you are interested in one of our Team Building Workshops, give us a call today on +61 7 4972 1300.

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