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Audits are often forced upon businesses and non-profit organisations due to legislative requirements. We feel audits should be an opportunity to fine tune your systems and find out how they can be improved. We provide a “value for money” audit report that can assist in streamlining systems and protecting your key assets.


The pace of change in today’s world can be extreme. In addition to keeping up with regulatory change, there are rapid changes in technology, a volatile economy, and disruptive business models.


“Business as usual” is long gone and we help with audit and financial reporting that is compliant and future-focused, as the implications of not getting it right can be serious.


Having a team that can provide the right support and in-depth knowledge makes a difference to business. Our experienced advisors can help your organisation:

Bottom line? We make your audit an instrument to improve your business organisation, not a burden due to statutory requirements.

UHY Audit & Assurance



Through UHY Haines Norton Gladstone, you access advisors with a deep understanding in this area. We will also tap into the national team of experts in evolving accounting standards and tax rules.



- Helps management find more time to focus on running the business

- Local, national and international highly competent team

- Use our seamless alignment with other transaction support services, services

- Use advice that up to date with auditing best practices



Our team have extensive experience with private businesses of all sizes, in all industries, an in-depth knowledge of today’s accounting standards which help you get a clear financial picture of your business.


Public sector organisations are responsible to the public interest. They have a unique set of requirements for accounting and financial reporting. Our experts locally and throughout the UHY Haines Norton network have worked extensively with all types of public sector entities including, federal, state and local governments across partnerships and other government organisations. Our team will keep you informed of the latest developments and assist with any of your assurance or accounting advisory needs.


Let us help your not-for-profit organisation achieve the mission it has set out to do. We help small community charities and larger businesses alike keep up with accounting standards which are quite specialised in this sector.

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