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Adviser Name – Steve Marsten

Adviser Group – UHY Haines Norton CQ Financial Planning

Authorised Rep Number – 245 028
Licensee Company Name – Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd

Licensee AFSL Number – 234 951

Licensee ABN – 11 074 608 558

Partnering with you to achieve your life goals

Financial Planning companies are facing a multitude of challenges in today’s rapidly changing economic environment including increasing regulation, managing capital and liquidity, leveraging new technology, and determining how to realise new levels of growth and sustainable profitability. Mitigating the impact these changes will have on your daily business, is no mean feat. 

At UHY Haines Norton CQ Financial Planning Services, our team of professionals cater to your needs.  We know that financial advice isn’t only about investments. It’s also about how your money can allow you to live the life you want to lead. We empower you to understand your financial situation fully, choose what type of life you want to lead and then work with you to develop strategies to achieve it.

We understand that simplicity is the key when it comes to your superannuation, investment and insurance strategies. You need to preserve your capital that you’ve worked hard to accumulate. Your investment and superannuation strategy MUST align to your goals and objectives. And when something unplanned happens, like death, disablement or injury, you want the peace of mind knowing that family, business and income, are protected.

Our Planning Services advisors take a broad view of your business and work with you to build overall wealth focusing on areas of superannuation, SMSF, personal insurance and investment opportunities across all asset classes (shares, bonds, cash savings, managed funds and indirect property). Our strategically oriented solutions, combine traditional audit and tax services with information technology, operational analysis, risk management and other advisory services. But really its about what YOU want.

Through this integrated approach, our team delivers the in-depth knowledge and insight needed to help meet your most significant challenges and greatest opportunities.

Take control of your financial future by developing a long term plan that is comprehensive and tailored to your needs.  To do so, we’ll help you address questions like…

Am I on track to live the life I want?

Am I spending too much or could I spend a little more?

Do I have enough savings to achieve my retirement goals?

What if I become sick or my income stopped?

How can I accumulate more assets before and in retirement?

How can I support my family if something happens to me?

Being proactive in managing your finances is central to achieving your life goals.  By partnering with UHY Haines Norton Financial Planning Services, you’ll be comforted in knowing you’ll receive expert advice and support, from a local team who understands the challenges you’re facing.

Our experienced Financial Planning Services advisors are on hand with expert advice on all aspects of wealth creation.  Give us a call today!




Career success or transition, a growing family or changing lifestyle priorities are great opportunities

to review your financial goals.

and DEBT


Your investment strategy MUST be designed to:

  • Achieve your goals and objectives

  • Align to your attitude to risk

  • Aligned to your investment preferences

  • Preserve your capital

These are the fundamental rules of any investment plan. Whether you invest directly or indirectly in shares, property or fixed interest, your plan must take into consideration these essential constraints. Whilst the underlying investment selection is critical to success, it is only part of your investment plan. Our investment plans are tailored to meet our clients’ financial objectives. We provide a managed investment solution that has stood the test of time during market fluctuations



Knowing what you spend and what you can save or invest is the key to building long-term sustainable wealth as early as possible. Identify the budget leaks early!


Creating a Will or Estate Plan is daunting for some but essential for peace of mind. We’ll work beside you to have the difficult conversations and get the paperwork in place.



Managing risk is critical to protect your family, your business and to secure your financial future when the unexpected happens.

Your risk plan, where possible, should consider you when you: die, become totally and permanently disabled in your own occupation, or when you become unwell, either critically or unable to work. Your assets must be protected - your future income, and importantly provide your family and business with the necessary capital to survive and thrive, given the worst of outcomes.


Our insurance solutions are tailored for business owners and are designed to meet these objectives.

Download the Financial Services Guide

This information has been provided as general advice. We have not considered your financial circumstances, needs or objectives. You should consider the appropriateness of the advice. You should obtain and consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and seek the assistance of an authorised financial adviser before making any decision regarding any products or strategies mentioned in this communication.

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