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Aston Marks, Managing Director of Ausproof, talks to UHY Haines Norton CQ!


"I would recommend UHY and Tina to everyone that I can. They’re always interested in what we’re doing and what we’re up to.  [Tina] gets to know your business.  We feel like it’s a partnership, not just a supplier-customer relationship.


Tina was able to use her UHY links in order to get good accountants from South Africa to America. And that’s been brilliant. We’ve been getting good results already from using that global UHY group."

High Risk Solutions.png

David Nunn, Managing Director of High Risk Solutions, talks to UHY Haines Norton CQ!


"UHY is a very professional company, very focused with the same people helping you over and over again which is really good.  We found trust, we found value for money. We’ve got a really good team and runs really friendly, so I’m happy with the service.


I’d recommend UHY because it’s a business in Gladstone that has a lot to do with the community as well; shares a lot of the same values as mine."

"Tina and I first crossed paths at a seminar that she was speaking at in Rockhampton. During Tina’s presentation she said, “If you don’t know the rules of the game, how can you expect to be able to play?”.

This simple statement made me realise I had no idea what game I was playing and that I needed help to navigate the financial requirement of the business to maximise growth.

Since 2016 Tina has guided us in understanding how to set and reach our financial goals and has become a mentor whose opinion we truly value. Tina is always available when I need her, and her support has been invaluable.

Our quarterly meetings are something that I look forward to as they give us learning opportunities and have helped us remain both focused and informed.

Through our engagement with Tina our business has shown significant growth. I highly recommend engaging Tina and her team as they truly go above and beyond."

Leesa Hearn - Buddy's Fire Rockhampton

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"When we decided to start a new business, Tina Zawila at UHY Haines Norton was recommended to us. From the very first contact, we had a positive experience and a good feeling about the people we were talking to. Not only did they listen to what we were trying to achieve, they tailored the best solution specific to us. They were able to set up a plan for us that ranged from creating the company, getting it registered, offering solutions for accounting and advice on all our tax and financial matters. We have been able to call or email them and get fast and efficient resolutions to any questions we have had. Without the training and advice of UHY Haines Norton we would not be in the comfortable position we are today."

Muriel Chapman - Director - Chapman Therapy Solutions

“Success in farming not only comes from good horticultural knowledge and sound farm management, but also through good financial and business management, and for that we turn to Tina, Sharon & the team at UHYHN.

Our financial position has significantly improved since working with UHY, our only regret is that we did not seek Tina’s advice and services earlier!

We have peace of mind knowing that all our accounting and taxation needs are being well-looked-after and that UHY have our best interests at heart.

We wholeheartedly recommend UHY to other farmers and business owners”

Daniel and Belinda Blanco


"I have been working with Tina for a number of years now personally and with my business. Tina and her team play a very important role in my Business and assist myself personally in being the Leader my teams needs me to be, to run my business smoothly and of course to achieve our goals. Thus I wanted my team to also meet and work with Tina, to learn and grow together even further. The effort Tina put in to creating a unique workshop that was specific to us exceeded my expectations. There is not many financial firms that truly want to see your business succeed and that also want to work with your actual team directly!

I highly recommend these workshops for your team and I seriously cannot wait for the next one!

Naomi Patterson-Kane

"Tina is an excellent spokesperson and has a vast amount of knowledge in the subjects discussed. Always amazing attending her workshops."

Dylan Bowser

"Great topics. Excellent presenter. Very enjoyable having input and discussions with co-workers."

Andrea Bowser

"With the way 2020 has been rolling along, this event has helped me re-focus on the road ahead."

Rob Allport

"Tina's workshop was both informative and inspiring. It was well presented and easy to understand."

Steve Patterson-Kane



"One of the best decisions we have ever made in business is choosing the team at UHY Haines Norton to look after our financial planning, insurances, accounting and management requirements. Through their coaching we have become better business owners which we are grateful for and when we see their business goals and the growth under their roof- we know they are aligned to our way of thinking. The service is very professional and personalised every time."


Wayne Matherson,  Matherson Crane Hire​

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