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Celebrate Our Amazing Local Businesses

By Joe Smith

UHY Haines Norton CQ are proud to be a gold sponsor of the GCCI 2020 Best in Business Awards. Steve, Tina, Renee and I are delighted that GCCI decided to take over the awards this year and give local businesses a chance to celebrate their achievements in what has been a challenging year.

As President of GCCI I have again been involved in the judging process where, over a couple of days, around 75 local business owners and managers were interviewed and asked about their businesses covering several areas as part of the judging processes.

I have to say that after this process I see a bright future for businesses in Gladstone as some of the stories the businesses owners had to tell were again very inspiring! Most business owners would agree that recently business conditions have been very challenging. However, in these challenging conditions there are lots of businesses who have adapted and some have grown with more staff employed which is a great thing for our local economy.

These businesses have been adapting to the environment in many different ways and have been coming up with some great ideas on how they can run a better business. Whether it being diversifying their business and offering new products or services, or by changing their business operations so that they can work more efficiently and win more work, these business owners are making changes that have worked for them and made them more successful and sustainable.

There were also some young and new to business people interviewed who have taken their ideas and knowledge and turned it into fast growing businesses. And in some cases they have gone from only employing themselves to employing over 3 locals in a short space of time!

While this is all very exciting, we need to ensure as a business community we offer the support required to these businesses whether it be offering the best professional advice available or possibly acting as a mentor to someone new to business so that we can help work with them through the ups and downs as well as the sometimes crazy growth periods that a new business can go through.

If you are new to business or have an existing business and would like our assistance please call UHY Haines Norton on 4972 1300 or email

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