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Do You Have a Rock Star Business?

I recently attended the U2 concert in Brisbane and as always they put on an amazing show. It was really impressive that a band formed in 1976 can still put on a show of the highest quality and to the standard they have performed for over 40 years!

While you might think that a rock band and being in business are worlds apart, you may be mistaken. Music is obviously a big business and worldwide tours generate massive amounts of money due to the bands that have been successful for a long time operating like a business.

While U2 started as a post punk rock band they have evolved over the years to become possibly the best rock band of their era. Similar to their journey, a successful business may look very different to how it looked when it started. New products or services may be offered and the initial area that the business operated may no longer be the case now. Similar to U2, these businesses have tried new things with some working and others not. They then learn from this and become the business they are today.

Consistency in delivery is another key area where U2 are almost guaranteed to sell out stadiums. In business, the consistency of your products and service is key to keep customers coming back to you and if you always deliver to the best of your ability it will go a long way to retaining customers and attracting new ones.

Collaborations are another thing that U2 and other artists do that increases their audience and maybe helps get new fans that would not normally listen to their music. So if there is a business where you believe there may be a synergy with your business, you could think of a way to work together to the benefit of each of the businesses.

In addition to the music, Bono and U2 members have stayed true to their beliefs and have been active in addressing issues regarding poverty, disease and social injustice. While we do not command the level of audience that rock stars do, if there is something that you believe in and can actively promote or support using your business then it may be a good idea to do so.

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